3 Things to Do in Toraja

Mai'Ting and Sa'dan White Water Rapids

Bathe in the rays of the tropical sun while the rush of the rapids below keeps you refreshed. The roaring waterfalls in various magnitudes will fulfill the inhibition of thrill seeker and adventurers alike. Set your sights to see the steep canyons and valleys embodying the kaleidoscope of the land itself, accompanied by natural wildlife displaying the eternal wonders embedded within.

If Mai’ting is not enough to spark your inner wild soul, scooch over to Sa’dan river, where the waterfalls constantly concoct to watery mist as a challange for anyone daring to venture in.


Explore the wonders of the hilltops of Toraja as you travel along the ridges if Makale and Rantepao. Bring your brain gear and flashlight for an adventurous journey through the different hues of Torajan colours, starting from a string of calm villages to wander upon, continuing to the cliffs and hillsides with terrains that is sure to keep you on the edge of your adrenaline rush.

Begin either from Makale or Rantepao. Prepare yourself for a cultural walk 784 meters above sea level with stunning sceneries. See the different cultural wonders in the traditional buildings, rocky terrains, and the natural wildlife spread before you. Cocoa trees bathing in sun rays, lush coffee plantations, ferns, and Miana trees are abundant throughout the trek. With a guide, you will always be on the right track towards the unreal bewilderment of your liking.

Exploring Rice Fields

Enter the heart of serene villages and see what makes the life of a Torajan so simple, and yet, so laid-back in its essence. Stop by the rice fields and touch the soil where the heart of Torajan lies, and traverse into the misty forest of the rising dawn. The alluring beauty of the landscape will stupefy your soul.

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