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The artistic side of Toraja never ceased to exist. As you explore Toraja it is hard not to be enchanted by the traditional arts that are on display wherever you go. The traditional arts of Toraja are closely linked to the local culture.


Every weave and profound stitching can be felt by everyone touching the handmade marvels of Torajan fabric. Displayed proudly in amalgamation with beautiful rice fields surrounding the premise, the clothes are essentially the pieces of souls of the ancestral spirits that still exist until today.


Derived from the merriment in celebration of victory in war on ancestral past, this Pa’gellu dance became the embodiment of the overflowing joy in Toraja. “Gellu ‘” means dance in Toraja language, and the word Pa’gellu or Ma’gellu means dancing or doing a dance. Pa’gellu represents the philosophy of social life of Torajanese.

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