There is no better place in Toraja to experience the beauty of nature than Batutumonga. Located on a dramatic ridge, high on the slopes of Gunung (Mount) Sesean, 90 minutes’ drive away from Rantepao, the capital of Toraja Utara. Batutumonga offers relaxing ambiance, cool temperature, and beautiful views. On different viewpoints, you will discover the scenery is spectacular. It offers a mixture of terraced paddy fields, forests, and open grassland. On a clear day, you can see Rantepao in the distance. It is the perfect place to visit, sit, relax and drink a warm cup of Tana Torajan coffee.


A three-hour drive from Makale, bordered by Enrekang in the south, is Bonggakaradeng District. In Torajan Bonggakaradeng comes from the words Bongga and Karadeng. Bongga means ‘large’ and Karadeng (is Karaeng) means ‘high caste nobility’. The local community calls the area “Negeri di atas awan”, translated to the land above the clouds.


There are many areas of Toraja famous for the beauty of the nature. The districts of Batutumonga and Sesean are perhaps the most famous, but you should also add Bittuang to the list. The district of Bittuang is located 40 km from the city of Makale. The beautiful Sarambu Assing Waterfall is the highlight of a visit to Bittuang District.

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