The artistic side of Toraja never ceased to exist. As you explore Toraja it is hard not to be enchanted by the traditional arts that are on display wherever you go. The traditional arts of Toraja are closely linked to the local culture.

The magnificent carving shall leave you fascinated, as the beauty and the philosophy aesthetically collaborate, forming a sublime unity imprinted to their valuable Tongkonan. The sweeping roofs, unique to this region, capture the imagination. The geometric designs and stylized images bring the buildings to life.

A good example is the painted designs that appear on the Tongkonan. The base pattern of Toraja called Garonto’ Passura’ diverges into four patterns. The sun or Pa’ Barre Allo symbolizes that life is a bestowment from the divine. The rooster, or Pa’ Manuk Londong, emphasizes the Torajan’s norm, law, and leadership concept.

The dragonfly motif or Pa’tedong characterizes prosperity in life, while the Pa’ Sussu pattern portrays democracy and wisdom as the foundations of society. Together they structure an exalted conception of Torajan ideal life.

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