Mai’ting and Sa’dan White Water Rapids

Toraja offers some of the best white water rafting in Indonesia. The rugged terrain offers plenty of opportunities for hair-raising adventure. The two most famous rivers for white water rafting are the Sa’dan and the Mai’ting.

The Sa’dan is the main river in the highlands of Toraja. The river cuts through the countryside of Toraja past steep hills and rolling countryside. The countryside is picturesque and idyllic. Battling the frothing waves and rapids of the river the countryside will flash by you. Yet there are quieter stretches where you can rest and relax and take in ancient megalithic sites and isolated villages.

The Mai’ting River offers an intoxicating combination of adrenaline, nature, and physical activity. The landscape offers a dramatic mixture of deep gorges between which the rippling waters of the Mai’ting flow. The river is at once exciting and dangerous. People looking for an adventure on their holiday should only attempt these rapids.

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