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Wander The Cascading Sarambu Assing Waterfall and Enjoy The Nature of Toraja

There are many areas of Toraja famous for the beauty of the nature. The districts of Batutumonga and Sesean are perhaps the most famous, but you should also add Bittuang to the list. The district of Bittuang is located 40 km from the city of Makale. The beautiful Sarambu Assing Waterfall is the highlight of a visit to Bittuang District.

The waterfall is located close to the village of Lembang Patongkoan in the middle of a pine forest. The waterfall tumbles for 70 meters down a steep stone slope through the pine trees. The water is clear and icy cold.

There is a plunge pool at the base of the waterfall. The forest and large boulders surround the pool. You can take a cold refreshing swim in the plunge pool and slide down the natural rocks into the water. It’s a refreshing and fun way to spend part of your day.

To visit Sarambu Assing Waterfall you need to trek for 3 km from the parking area close to the road along a winding path. To reach the base of the waterfall you need to cross the shallow river. Sarambu Assing gets busy on the weekend. It is best to visit during a weekday.

There are plenty of other things that you can also see in addition to Sarambu Assing Waterfall when you visit the district of Bittuang. Make sure to enjoy the local scenery and the hospitality of the people who live here.

It is possible to visit Sarambu Assing Waterfall on a day trip from Rantepao or Makale. It is a two-hour drive by motorbike or car along good roads through the beautiful countryside of Toraja. Although it’s a long journey, it is worth it and there are several other sites that you can see on the way making it a fun day trip from the city.

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