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Pasar Bolu (Bolu Market) is where most money in Toraja rotates. Once every six days, small herders brought in with their trucks buffaloes, ranging from ordinary ones to the exquisite Tedong Bongas – or albino buffaloes – worth billions of Rupiah.

Buyers, wandering around in their sarongs, bring huge chunks of cash to the market to make a purchase. A prospective buyer will carefully study every buffalo in detail. Any slight defect in the eyes, jaw or body can reduce the price significantly.

While the buyer studies the buffalo for defects the seller will sing its praises. Any positive trait, like a spot of white in the right place or the shape of the horns, is a reason to demand a high price.

If both parties are interested then the discussions will begin. Each party looks to get the best deal, haggling over the price, refusing and finally relenting. It is a tradition that dates back decades.


Buffaloes play an important role in the myths and legends surrounding Toraja. They form an important part of the local culture. When a loved one departs into the afterlife, it is a tradition that a buffalo is sacrificed.

The number of animals to be sacrificed can range from a single bull to a whole herd. The horns of the bulls that are sacrificed adorn the Tongkonan building where family members are laid to rest. It is a final tribute to the departed.

“Tedong Saleko or Tedong Bonga” – or albino buffaloes are the ultimate sacrifices. These white-speckled buffaloes are the prized livestock of Torajans. A single bull can cost hundreds of million Rupiah. If you visit the Torajan Market, you will probably see them.

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Pasar Pagi Rantepao

Pasar To’ Karau

Pasar Lolai

Pasar Ledo

Pasar Karre

Pasar Barereng

Pasar Rantekarua

Pasar Sapan


Pasar Bolu dan Hewan


Pasar Pagi Rantepao

Pasar To’ Rea

Pasar Pangli

Pasar To’ Dama’

Pasar Pasang

Pasar Salu

Pasar Saruran Bokin

Pasar Kole

Pasar Sangpolo


Pasar Pagi Rantepao

Pasar Pesondongan

Pasar Limbong Langi’

Pasar Dende’

Pasar Rantebua

Pasar Pondo’

Pasar Pangala’


Pasar Pagi Rantepao

Pasar Minanga

Pasar Bontong

Pasar Sipa’longan

Pasar Ma’dong

Pasar Pa’ Tambenan

Pasar Ponglamba’

Pasar Pindan

Pasar Pulu’-Pulu’


Pasar Bolu dan Hewan

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