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Destination Management Organization (DMO) is a program initiated by Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy in 2010. The activity of the organization includes planning, coordination, implementation, and control of tourism management in each pre-defined destination. There are 15 DMOs spreading from West to East of Indonesia: Sabang, Toba, Kota Tua Jakarta, Pangandaran, Borobudur, Bromo Tengger & Semeru, Batur, Rinjani, Flores, Tanjung Puting, Derawan, Toraja, Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat.

Based on its vision and mission, Toraja DMO was established on 3rd May 2012, with two main focuses:
1. Capacity building for local people and tourism businesses.
2. Organizing, exploring, and developing tourist attractions, facilities, as well as increasing accessibility to Toraja.

Under the coordination of local government, Toraja DMO’s organizational structure consists of chairman, vice chairman, and commissions of Facilities and Infrastructure Commission, Commission on Human Resources, Commission of Tourist Attractions, Marketing and Promotion Commission, and Environment Commission. Whereas, Toraja DMO members comprise of representatives of local government (SKPD – BAPPEDA, Government Tourism Office, “Koperasi” and Trade Department, etc.), Tourism Associations (PHRI and ASITA), and leaders of local communities (indigenous groups, religion groups, and youth groups).

Currently, Toraja DMO synergizes its efforts to reorganize its role among tourism stakeholders in Toraja. Internal members of Toraja DMO came up with an idea to propose Toraja DMO to be a legal organization that act as a sustainable organization as well as official representative of Toraja destination. Subsequently, Toraja DMO with assistance of Swisscontact WISATA, developed annual work plan for 2015 that hopefully will fulfill the needs of local tourism stakeholders to redevelop tourism industry in Toraja.

In a participatory process, Toraja DMO reinvent the brand of Toraja destination, promote Toraja through the participation in national and international travel fairs, collaborating with local tourism businesses to organize and manage familiarization/educational trip (for media and tour operators), and help improve quality standards for local tourism businesses (accommodations, restaurants, and tour operators) to meet international standard of services.

The next important responsibility of Toraja DMO is to gain a trust among tourism businesses and local stakeholders. Hopefully, the existence of Toraja DMO will gain benefits for local societies’ economics. Currently, tourism industry just ranks as the 3rd biggest income in Toraja.

Toraja local government and Toraja DMO work hand-in-hand and support each other for the sustainability of tourism industry in Toraja.


Toraja is realized as a quality green and community-based destination.


  • Develop green sustainable tourism in accordance with the carrying capacity
  • Protect natural and cultural tourism resources
  • Promote the interests of society
  • Manage development (in addition to carrying capacity) as well as society’s quality of life
  • Involve extensively involvement of the new generation

For further information, please contact:
Toraja DMO
Jl. Veteran No. 1 Makale, Tana Toraja
Sulawesi Selatan 91811
Phone. +62 (423) 26462

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