Pa’gellu – The form of joy and gratitude of Torajanese

Derived from the merriment in celebration of victory in war on ancestral past, this Pa’gellu dance became the embodiment of the overflowing joy in Toraja. “Gellu ‘” means dance in Toraja language, and the word Pa’gellu or Ma’gellu means dancing or doing a dance. Pa’gellu represents the philosophy of social life of Torajanese. They captured their view of the environment around them, from nature, tradition, culture, and faith, which poured in this dance. Therefore, Pa’gellu dance is a form of gratitude to the Creator of all life and nature in Toraja.

Pa’gellu specifically performed in the Rambu Tuka’ ceremony, which is a thanksgiving ceremony or excitement. You will not find this dance at the ceremony Rambu Solo’ (funeral or death ceremony) because this dance symbolizes the joy of the Toraja people.

There is one interesting piece that cannot be released from this dance, the Ma’toding activities. Which gave some money to the dancers and placed in the headdress of the dancer.

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