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Bori’ Parinding is a megalithic funeral site and burial ground. The site is located next to the side of the main road and is a 20-minute drive from Rantepao along winding country roads. The countryside in this part of Toraja is picturesque with flat open land covered in green rice fields that ripple in the wind. Along the route from Rantepao to Bori’ Parinding visitors pass through small villages.


Adorned with ornaments of sun circles and rooster carvings, Palawa’ Tongkonan complex is a breathtaking sight to see. Fix your eyes on historical remnants of the ancestral war of the 11th century, with all the majestic buffalo horns proclaiming regality in every inch.


Lo’ko’ Mata is located in the north of Toraja. The burial site is around 30 km from Rantepao, close to Batutumonga, Pallawa, and Bori’ Parinding. The journey from Rantepao to Lo’ko’ Mata follows winding roads cutting through the beautiful landscape of Tana Toraja. On the way you pass terraced rice fields and forested hills.

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