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Rambu Solo

Toraja has an ethereal charm. It is a place with surprising local customs and an approach to death that is unique to Indonesia. For death is seen as the ultimate goal of life. When a Torajan passes away family and friends of the departed celebrate at the funeral.

Rambu Tuka

Ceremonies and traditions are a central part of Torajan culture. One of the most important ceremonies is known as Rambu Tu’ka. The festival is a way for families, villages and Torajans’ to come together and celebrate a special event.


Toraja offers some of the best white water rafting in Indonesia. The rugged terrain offers plenty of opportunities for hair-raising adventure. The two most famous rivers for white water rafting are the Sa’dan and the Mai’ting.


It is easy to understand why the rugged landscape of Toraja attracts hikers. Just 10 minutes from the center of Rantepao you can be following a trail that climbs up through terraced paddy fields and into the hills and forests of Toraja.

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