The tourism industry has shifted nowadays. Visitors have the power to decide which destinations meeting their perception and desire. A destination therefore cannot rely only on selling their product such as tourist objects, cultures, local products, etc but it must be able to offer a wide range of attractive tourism features effectively integrated into a marketing strategy to generate more visitors.

Toraja has been provocatively promoted as a destination that perhaps most intriguingly, billed as a more remote, unspoiled alternative to Bali, and more fundamentally, as an alternative to the mundane, secular world of the West.

Witnessed as the new potential tourist spot, The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism declared Tana Toraja as the new prime destination after Bali. There were massive new construction of hotels, restaurants, infrastructures (roads) and airport (opened in 1981) to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

Discover The Sacred Highlands Means

All proposed logograms use the same tagline/slogan: Discover the Sacred Highland.
The three words are selected to give unique impression and sense of:

Discover – an active word, implying that in Toraja, visitors are involved to get a special experience.

Highland – indicates identity of Toraja that lies on the highlands.

Sacred – holy places, referring to the great Toraja culture with nobility / ancestors who, as the story told, descended directly from heaven.

Soaring T

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Pa'ulu Karua

The symbol depicts the eight Torajan ancestors who transfer knowledge concerning human life and the world. This symbol pictures the Torajans still carry the teachings of the ancestors to the present time.

“Banua” Roof and “Alang”

The logogram illustrates “banua” roof and “alang” which are very significant Toraja identity. “Banua” roof and alang mutually protect each other like husband and wife that become a symbol of harmony in Toraja society. Using the illustration style of one liner that is clear and requires only little additional elements.

Black & Red Color

Black always dominates Toraja’s carving art as it is always used as a base before applying other colors. Black also associates with Toraja’s culture that is close to funeral celebration. Red symbolizes human blood that generates human life. The combination of black and red represents the relationship between human’s life and death. Red and black are elegant colors that give a sense of mystery, which fits the personality of Toraja.

Official Logo Release

Toraja, 4 May 2015
Toraja Destination officially announce its selected logo and tagline which represent both Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara District as one united tourism destination.

The logo was selected by around 75% voters in both offline and online voting activities conducted from 17 – 24 April 2015.

The logo takes the inspiration from the philosophy, elements and colours of Toraja: Pa’ulu Karua as a symbol that the Torajans still carry the teaching of ancestors, and Tongkonan as a center of life. The tagline – Discover the Sacred Highlands – sends a clear message referring to the great Toraja culture and its geographical identity.

Download the Guidelines for the details of the logo.

Toraja DMO (Destination Management Organization) as a regional umbrella for tourism as well as representative of local stakeholders has initiated the selection of logo and tagline. This activity is part of Toraja brand reinvention process, which took place since the second semester of 2014. A local working group (Pokja), a unit of Toraja DMO whose task will be managing the whole branding process was established. A few rounds of visits, discussions and socializations have been conducted by Pokja in Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara. A Jakarta-based brand agency professionally supports the process since the beginning.

The process resulted in three logos and tagline ready for selection by public and Toraja people. Socialisation and voting was conducted at Pantan Hotel, Tana Toraja on 17 April and Misiliana Hotel, North Toraja on 18 April. Meanwhile, the online voting took place from 17 – 24 April at Toraja Destination’s website, which was open for public to get as many engagement from people of Toraja and its target visitors. Vote recapitulation was completed in early May, and the result is enclosed logo.

This announcement will be followed with a few rounds of socialization regarding user guideline and brand guideline of the logo and tagline. Toraja DMO encourages local government, tourism business and association, community and external stakeholders to apply the logo and tagline into the destination’s marketing and promotion activities, under guidelines of Toraja DMO.

Toraja brand reinvention aims at improving economic development through sustainable and community based tourism. Toraja has abundant opportunities to step its feet back on the tourism map for its distinctive identity – from the great pagan cultures and stone-age villages to the sleeping beauty scenery and world’s best coffee.

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